“我可以说,我的导师回答我问题的速度给我留下了深刻的印象, as well as his knowledge about the information. 我要感谢他帮助我成为一个更好的客户顾问,我将强烈推荐这个项目给我的同事.”

Mutual of Omaha

“The instruction is very well done. 课程材料很全面,但很容易理解,支持是梦幻般的.”

from Florida

“我认为这个项目本身组织得很好,导师指导的课程非常宝贵. 所有的讲师都以有趣和有益的方式提供了额外的信息和个人见解.”

David S.

“I really enjoyed the program and have learned a lot. 我非常感谢你能随时下载讲座和其他材料. The course was very accessible to those of us with weird schedules. I’d recommend the program to anyone.”

Pia D.

“I can’t say enough good about your CFP® Education Program!!! You guys are great. 我在这个项目的内容和支持上都有很好的经历.”

Kathy H.

Why Choose Us?

德克萨斯大学圣安东尼奥分校是美国首屈一指的商学院之一, 所以学生们可以确信他们正在接受最好的教育体验.

The University of Texas San Antonio Online CFP® 正规网赌软件推荐教育计划旨在帮助您在获得CFP的同时创造收入并建立您的实践® certification.

The industry continues to become more competitive, and investing in your personal career will yield benefits. The industry standard for Wealth Management & Financial Planning is the CFP® certification.

Our program is taught by CFP® professionals with a long history of success. It was developed by practicing professionals for practicing professionals.


Top 10 Things that Differentiate Us

Personal Advisor

在任何项目中,一个主要的顾虑就是你要靠自己. That could not be further from the truth with this program. Each and every student in this program is assigned a personal advisor, at no added cost, with whom they will have access throughout the length of their coursework.

Mobile Capability

As you evaluate CFP® certification education programs, 重要的是要考虑移动性的选择,让你自由地学习远离电脑. Included in the standard tuition cost, 学生可以通过PDF下载打印,以及移动下载课程和教师指导的课程,远离电脑学习.

21 Months of Access

Most of our students will complete the program in 10-12 months, but sometimes life intervenes and throws our plans off track. For that purpose, students are given 21 months of access to this program. That’s twice the access period of some of our competitors, 大大减少了您需要在截止日期之前正规网赌软件推荐要求延期的可能性.

24-Hour Access

Who has a structured life with defined blocks of free time anymore? This program is accessible at any time, day or night, 365 days per year, so that it always fits your schedule. 这意味着你可以在最适合自己的时间完成课程,在每一页上花你想花的时间. You can pace yourself through the program, 放慢速度,把时间花在你需要更多努力的事情上,在其他不需要太多努力的事情上加快速度.

Study Guides

In addition to every lesson available as a PDF, 我们为每一节课都制定了学习指南(计算器课程除外). These printable study guides are tailored to the lesson, 为您提供一个记录和整理笔记的地方,并在您准备我们的考试和CFP®考试时使用.

Engaging Content

With an endeavor this size, it’s vital that the content is engaging. If it’s not, it becomes very easy to lose interest in it and get off track. Greene Consulting, our partner in the development and delivery of this program, 自1999年以来一直在从事金融服务方面的在线知识培训, 所以你可以绝对肯定他们知道如何让在线学习变得有趣和有效. Our program is a truly interactive online learning experience.

CFP Board-Released Exam Questions


Printable Lessons

We understand that you can’t or won’t be tied to the computer, 如果你需要在线访问材料,这就不是一个全天候的课程. 我们的每一堂课都可以以PDF格式下载并打印出来. This allows you to print out lessons to go through when you’re traveling, in the doctor’s office waiting room, or just wanting to read through the lesson without going online. No other online program offers the same flexibility.

Customer Service

Our students are not simply just a name or number. 我们永远不会认为你参与我们的项目是理所当然的,我们会尽我们所能让你在这个项目中获得最好的体验.

Focused Learning

The CFP Board lists 72 topics that must be covered in an educational program. 这72个主题是高级主题,这意味着它们可能有数百个子集. 这使得任何程序都很容易失去重点并覆盖不必要的信息. That doesn’t happen in this program. 我们专注于学习,以确保你没有把时间花在你需要知道的事情上.

Practice Management - Our Distinct Advantage

该计划的明显优势是两个实体的合作关系. With the University of Texas San Antonio, you have one of the premier educational institutions in the United States, which means you can be certain of the quality of the content. With Greene Consulting, 你们有一位在金融服务咨询行业有30多年经验的领导者. 这不仅为学生提供了准备CFP®考试的机会,而且还学习了宝贵的技能,可以应用到他们与客户的实际互动中.

每一个CFP委员会正规网赌软件推荐的项目都会声称他们提供最好的教育体验, 但这是唯一一个可以超越CFP®考试,教你成为更好的CFP所需技能的项目, more productive advisor.

德克萨斯大学圣安东尼奥分校-格林咨询合作伙伴关系的一个显著特点是能够超越你需要知道的CFP®考试,当你与客户面对面时,你需要知道的. To help our students bridge that gap, included in every enrollment is access to our Practice Management Resources, which is divided into two sections – Practical Application and Skill Enhancement.

Practical Application

The Practical 应用课程的设计与财务规划正规网赌软件推荐课程的界面, 提供会话能力,以更好地满足客户需求并提高产量. It is a series of 6 lessons, with one dedicated to each of the major topic areas (Fundamentals, Insurance, Investments, Income Tax, Retirement, and Estate).


Skill Enhancement

技能提升部分是一系列两到三分钟的视频,重点介绍客户规划过程的关键组成部分. 这些最佳实践录音可以帮助顾问在以下主题中提高和完善他们的销售和服务技能:

  • Traps to Avoid with Potential Clients
  • Simplifying the Presentation of the Financial Plan
  • Attaining Need Awareness by the Client

Ready to enroll in our CFP Certification Program?

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CFP®和CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™是正规网赌软件推荐金融标准委员会(CERTIFIED FINANCIAL Board of Standards Inc .)拥有的正规网赌软件推荐标志. 这些分数授予成功完成CFP委员会初始和持续正规网赌软件推荐要求的个人.